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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Carbon tax is bad economic and public policy

By Leslie Anderson The General Assembly in the State of Connecticut has proposed a “carbon tax” on energy which would collect more than $500 million in new taxes from homeowners and businesses in just the first year that the law would take effect. The proposed legislation (Raised Bill 7247) is now being considered by the General Assembly’s Environment Committee. There are several reasons this idea is bad public policy and does not make good economic sense – for those who use propane, and all energy consumers as well. This new tax, being labeled a carbon tax on fossil fuels, would be applied to most forms of energy, including gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, natural gas, electricity – and propane. Limited exemptions would apply to hydroelectric or nuclear-generated electricity as well as renewable biomass or waste vegetable oil. While we certainly understand the desire to promote the use of environmentally friendly fuels, it’s important to also ... read more