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30,000 Mile Service

Your young car will likely still perform very well at 30,000 miles, but that is no excuse for putting off your 30,000 mile service. Not having one done can jeopardize the long term life of your car and possibly cause irreversible damage. The Cusson Automotive service team want you to be able to enjoy your car for years to come here in Windsor, that is why they’re so dedicated to doing the most complete 30,000 mile services around!

Your 30,000 mile service will mostly be outlined in your owner’s manual. This is because most warranty agreements require a 30k service to maintain their validity. The Cusson Automotive team will be sure to assess your owner’s manual and apply it to your 30k service. The unique journey that your car has taken in and around Windsor will also dictate what else is required and our team will take the time to consider that as well - we don’t just do for your car what we do for every other car in Windsor!

Giving each car the attention it deserves is essential for maintaining its performance. The Cusson Automotive team take this into consideration at the 30k service just as much as any other. You’ll likely need your fluids and filters changed, but beyond that we study your car to see what it needs in order to continue thriving. Call up our shop in Windsor today to book your 30k service and protect the important investment that is your car.