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90,000 Mile Service

Call and make an appointment today at Cusson Automotive for your 90,000 mile service check. The 90,000 Service is the last of the big three maintenance milestones set out by car makers, the first two being the 30 and 60,000 mile service. The 90,000 service not only allows for all of the usual systems of your car to be examined and serviced, but it also looks at some core parts that are coming up to being worn out. At Cusson Automotive we know that just because the book says that your timing chain may need to be replaced at the 90,000 Service appointment that the key word is ‘may.’ Depending on the type of driving you have been doing around Windsor, it may last for much longer.

The manufacturer’s recommendations for service and replacement during your 90,000 Service check at Cusson Automotive are based on an average use of the vehicle under normal driving conditions. It isn’t just pickups and commercial trucks that get exposed to extreme driving conditions though; the average minivan and crossover can see as much hard wear as a work truck in any given year. Extreme conditions can include sudden stops and starts, prolonged periods of inactivity or highway miles. Anything that does not allow your vehicle to access its full range will create extreme stress on a part.

Call and make an appointment for your 90,000 mile service at Cusson Automotive. We are conveniently located in Windsor and have the right appointment times to fit into your schedule easily.