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60,000 Mile Service

When you make an appointment at Cusson Automotive for your 60,000 mile service check, you can expect quality service with great attention to detail. The core of the 60,000 mile service procedure is the inspection of all the wearable parts needed to keep your heating, cooling, braking and drive systems working properly. A Cusson Automotive technician will perform a full oil change and visually inspect the underneath of your car for any leaks that may indicate the beginnings of a future issue.

The 60,000 mile service is the second of three major maintenance points in the life of your car. If your 30,000 Service was performed correctly and you kept up with regular oil changes, then you won’t have many surprises during the 60,000 service. If your car is new to you, it is a good idea to schedule a 60,000 service at Cusson Automotive as soon as possible. We will inspect everything from the condition of your tires to the heating system and make sure that all of your fluids and rubber trim accessories are in good condition to keep the weather in Windsor sealed out.

Call and make an appointment for your 60,000 service check at Cusson Automotive today. We are located right in Windsor and our hours make it easy to fit an appointment into any schedule. After your 60,000 mile service, make sure to keep coming back for your annual maintenance needs. The more you and your car are known by us, the better we will be able to help you catch problems early and avoid costly repairs.