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Alternative Fuel Solutions | Cusson Automotive

Cusson Automotive Alternative Fuel Solutions has been servicing fleets in Southern New England and beyond for 30 years. Additionally, vehicle propane conversions for the past 8 years.

The past many years I have joined many automotive organizations to include my relationships in the autogas world. Some of the alternative fuel groups consist of: Ct Alternative Fuel coalition, member of multiple Clean Cities organizations, the
PGANE Autogas committee and more. Cusson Alternative Fuel Solutions has grown both in knowledge and abilities to service many makes and models of conversion equipment. We now represent companies as Blossman Alliance with aftermarket Bi-Fuel and Monofuel conversion kits. Roush Clean Tech products to include school bus warranty and service. We now represent companies with aftermarket Bi-Fuel and Monofuel conversion kits. All systems that we install are EPA approved kits only. We have even serviced older Clean Fuel vehicles. Whatever your fleet vehicle choices are class 1 through class 7 vehicles we probably have an alternative fuel kit choice for you to operate on propane Autogas.

Rousch CleantechPrins

Capitol Clean Cities of Connecticut, Inc.

The US Department of Energy's Clean Cities Program advances America's economic, environmental and energy security by supporting local actions aimed at reducing petroleum consumption and transportation.

Read About The Next Evolution in Clean American Fuel

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the first person to bring Renewable Propane to the State of Connecticut, President of Hocon Gas, Dave Gable

President of Hocon Gas, Dave Gable

President of Hocon Gas, Dave Gable

Speaking about the State's venture converting some State vehicles to operate on clean propane Autogas, Deputy Commissioner of Connecticut DOT, Karen Kitsis

Deputy Commissioner of Connecticut DOT, Karen Kitsis

Deputy Commissioner of Connecticut DOT, Karen Kitsis

Karen Kitsis sitting in a new State F750 Ford dump truck

Karen Kitsis sitting in a new State F750 Ford dump truck

Don Cusson was recently interviewed by Better Connecticut. Check out how Cusson Automotive is transforming gas guzzlers into environmentally-friendly vehicles!

CBS Radio

Listen to and see Don being interviewed about Autogas and ICOM Bi-Fuel Conversions

Check out “2015 Alternative Fuel Vehicles on Display” by AltWheels on Vimeo.

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Mission Statement

Cussons Alternate Fuel Solutions is in business to bring an environmentally proven product to those that want to decrease their carbon foot print. Through the use of an American proven source of fuel we will provide solutions for fleet owners of all sizes to cut their cost per mile and yet allow for a good ROI. Cussons Alternate Fuel Solutions will work closely with the propane industry, ICOM North America and the local government to bring together the best of what we can offer.

Propane offers some relief from recent high gas prices

In using a technology that's more than 100 years old, Globe Airport Parking finds itself on the cutting edge of a trend

The off-site airport parking company switched most of its shuttle bus fleet to a propane-based fueling system over the past year, part of a nationwide movement as businesses search for long-term relief from high gas prices.
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PERC officials to speak about propane autogas on multiple occasions during Green Truck Summit

WASHINGTON (February 24, 2016) — The Propane Education & Research Council will again participate in the Green Truck Summit sessions at the National Truck Equipment Association's Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

The Green Truck Summit sessions include information on the latest in alternative fuels and advanced technology within the trucking and transportation industry.

Tucker Perkins, PERC's chief business development officer, is joining representatives from across alternative fuel industries to discuss “Work Truck Trends and Outlook for Alternative Fuel Technology” from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m., Tuesday, March 1.

Perkins will also lead a panel called “The Propane Autogas Advantage: Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership” from 8 to 9:15 a.m. Wednesday, March 2. Perkins will be joined by two propane autogas users: Renee Dawson, director of transportation and school safety at DeKalb Central United Schools in Auburn, Indiana, and Glenn Chamberland, fleet manager for AAA Allied Group Inc. in West Hartford, Connecticut. Dawson and Chamberland will share their first-hand experiences with managing vehicle fleets powered by propane autogas and the subsequent savings they have enjoyed.

“From the time of purchase to the retirement of a vehicle, using propane autogas shows its advantages through less time spent on maintenance, reduced fuel costs, and more time spent on the road,” Perkins said. “In comparison to other fuels, propane has more flexible refueling options and requires no emissions-reduction equipment.”

In addition to the Green Truck Summit, PERC and Roush CleanTech will announce the adoption of propane-autogas-powered vehicles by two new major customers during a press conference at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, March 3. The conference will begin in Roush's booth, 5793.

Show attendees are invited to learn more about propane's lowest total cost-of-ownership at PERC's booth, 5591. Several propane-autogas-powered vehicles will be on display in the PERC booth, including:

  • A Ford F-59 with ROUSH CleanTech fuel technology.
  • A Ford F-150 with a Westport WiNG power system.
  • A Ford F-250 with an ICOM alternative fuel system.

To learn more about propane autogas, visit propane.com/on-road-fleets.

Alpha Baking | Cusson Automotive

Only one alternative fuel can lower your total cost-of-ownership while reducing emissions

Lower Total Cost-of-Ownership | Cusson Automotive

Lower Total Cost-of-Ownership
Even when conventional fuel prices are low, a vehicle's additional costs — like fuel, fluids, filters, and repairs — can drain your budget. Over a vehicle's lifetime, propane autogas is healthier for every line of the budget sheet.

Powerful Performance | Cusson Automotive

Powerful Performance
Propane autogas vehicles are proven to deliver comparable horsepower, torque, and towing capacity to conventionally-fueled models.

More Uptime | Cusson Automotive

More Uptime
While diesel engines spend valuable time in the shop for repairs on complex emissions systems, propane autogas vehicles keep your business running with reliable operation.

Scalable Infrastructure | Cusson Automotive

Scalable Infrastructure
Propane autogas infrastructure grows with your fleet. Propane providers specialize in helping fleets choose the right refueling option based on the fleet size, routes, budget, and facility space.

Preferred Vehicle Class And Brand | Cusson Automotive

Your Preferred Vehicle Class and Brand
Choose from a variety of light- to medium-duty applications, available from all major manufacturers as OEM-dedicated vehicles or certified conversions.

Benefits of Utilizing Propane Autogas

  • Fuel tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than gasoline and diesel tanks and meets all federal motor vehicle safety standards
  • Reduce emissions of toxins by up to 30-90%
  • Domestic – Propane is produced in North America, with abundant reserves in the U.S. and Canada
  • Propane is a contained fuel source; no spillage, no shrinkage, no pilferage, no contamination, and non-toxic
  • Maintains the torque, horsepower, and drivability you would feel in a gasoline vehicle
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by approximately 20%

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Autogas Fueling & Infrastructure Partners

Many local and regional fueling partners (contact for more information)

Nationwide (United States).

Cusson Automotive is associated with the right people in the Propane industry that understands Propane Autogas. Call for details on Infrasrtucture and Dispensing Systems.

With the proper use of alternative fuels, we can enjoy increased energy security, increased employment in an emerging sector, and decreased emissions.

Thank you for your interest!


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