5/26/2017 Gordon Oliver Always great service
5/25/2017 Randy Arborio Steve quoted a price prior to having the work done. They had my motorhome three weeks which was OK'ed upfront then the cost appeared to go over the quote until I went to pick up my motorhome. Cusson's honored their quote. I consider myself a VERY engaged customer. Steve and Don continue to impress me with every visit.
5/23/2017 Mary Walton they were a great help good job!
5/16/2017 Ryan Anderson Great technician and great service
5/7/2017 Lewis Kuester Really a poor first experience at Cusson. Took longer than promised. Didn't get to complete some of the promised work. They were really looking to do a whole bunch of work I didn't even ask for. Misdiagnosed 2 things. First, said I needed both tie rod , only needed one. Also, said turbo was leaking and needed to be replaced, wrong! It was the oil cooler gasket. WTF? Wanted several thousand dollars. All I wanted was an oil change! Then I think they lost my hub cap. I didn't notice until a week later, but those don't fall too easily.
5/5/2017 Anonymous These guys are rip offs
5/4/2017 Pam Lamont Very thorough. Did good job of communicating problem. Very professional.
Pam,part of our job is to communicate our findings to you. thanks for your trust in our shop - Cusson Automotive
5/3/2017 Anonymous These guys don't know what they r doing
5/1/2017 Jenna Always top notch service! Friendly, welcoming, and clean environment, especially for female clientele!
Jenna, Thanks for your trust in what we do. We believe in every customer being treated the same way. - Cusson Automotive
4/23/2017 rick czapla In a world full of deception and lack of integrity, Cusson's Automotive holds a high standard in honesty and integrity. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and would never consider another automotive repair shop. First, the staff understands my needs both in terms of keeping 3 old cars running and my financial situation. I am always advised on pressing automotive needs and advised on those that can be addressed at a later time. I have never felt pressure to purchase a service that was not needed at a particular time. Secondly, their work on all my vehicles has been exceptional. You may be able to find services at a cheaper price elsewhere, and maybe you won't, but I guarantee you will not find another establishment with the credibilty and customer service like Cusson's. Rest assured that you will receive a fair price and only the services that are critical for the optimal running of your vehicle.
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